Fairtrade Tomaten

Want to help us make the world fair?

All our tomatoes are Fairtrade certified


With extra sun!

The very best tomatoes are grown in the Tunisian desert.

The Tunisian sun shines all year round, including in the European winter when the lights have to be switched on. All this extra sun gives our tomatoes incredible flavour.

Water is sourced from a spring kilometres under the ground and used both to water the plants and to heat the greenhouses. In this way, not a single drop of precious water is wasted. Our tomatoes are given everything they need to grow plump, juicy, and sweet.

Deliciousness in no time

From the desert to your door in no time

A long way, you say? No way! We get our delicious tomatoes to you in the quickest time possible. Our logistics are optimally efficient from the desert to your door, ensuring you get the freshest, firmest, and most delicious tomatoes possible.

“I am happy to work in Desert Joy , I feel very confortable and looking for more progress”



Why Fairtrade?

We love tomatoes, and we believe in making the world a fairer place.

Social responsibility is as vital to us as the flavour of our tomatoes, and our Fairtrade certificate proves our actions back up our words.

How do we do our bit for a fairer world? Our Desert Joy tomatoes create much-needed jobs in a relatively poor country and give people the chance to develop. We also fight to achieve equality for women.

We believe that a good alliance between employers and employees should go without saying both in the Netherlands and in Tunisia. We treat our employees with respect, pay them a good wage and give them plenty of opportunities to develop. We also provide clean drinking water, hot meals, and reliable transport both to and from work.

We give something back to the country and its citizens, and we also give back to the environment by planting trees and helping nature to heal.

For today and tomorrow

Fairtrade means more. By buying our tomatoes, you enable us to invest in Tunisia's future.

For every delicious tomato we sell, a premium is paid into our fund. This fund is managed by the Desert Joy Fairtrade Premium Committee, which is made up of Desert Joy employees specially appointed to ensure a representative cross-section of our organisation. After all, that's only fair! Employees have the freedom to choose, and every vote is equal.

The Committee evaluates ideas, makes proposals, and coordinates projects. with Desert Joy's management merely serving as an advisor. Every project can make the difference. Bit by bit, the projects create a better world for our employees, their families, and the environment they live in. So as well as tasting good, our tomatoes are also doing good!

The results of the projects: 

  • A lunch every day
    In January, we bought a professional kitchen using the profits from our Fairtrade tomatoes. This enables us to provide our 400 employees with a healthy cooked lunch every day. A permanent chef prepares lunch using ingredients from local farmers, butchers, and bakers.


  • We work on better health care 
    Now that the kitchen is up and running, our employees have chosen a new good cause. They opted for good health as their next priority area.

    Every month, a doctor or other health professional with a certain specialisation visits the Desert Joy company. Employees can visit them if they need to. So far, the company has welcomed a dentist and an ophthalmologist. There has also been a visit from a doctor providing information on nutrition, such as reducing the amount of sugar and salt used in food. Another expert came to tell us about the correct working posture. In this way, we can take preventative action to ensure better health.

“Desert Joy is my home and my future it is a joy to work under sunlight and with fresh colourfull tomatoes’’


Turning the exception into the rule

To us, respect and equality go without saying; although in many places, they're more the exception than the rule.

This is why fair trade is so important.

What do our delicious and fair tomatoes guarantee?

  • No discrimination
  • Equal rights for both women and men
  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • Attention to employee development
  • A good wage and a permanent contract
  • Good working conditions
  • Transport to and from work
  • Care for the environment

How it all began

We founded Desert Joy – the first Fairtrade certified tomato company – in 2012.

We also grow tomatoes in the Netherlands under the name of Agro Care. Together with a Tunisian partner, we set up a tomato-growing company in El Hamma, right on the edge of the desert. The ideal climate here allows us to produce the tomatoes we love so much.

Of course, we also love people and the environment and wanted to give something back to Tunisia. For this reason, we turned to Fairtrade: certification for a fairer world. At Desert Joy, we believe in a fair world for all and we can only achieve this by sharing and giving back.

Philip van Antwerpen: "Why Fairtrade? Because investing in people and the environment comes naturally to us."


All of our tomatoes are delicious, fair (as proven by our Fairtrade certificate) and colourful. Red, orange, yellow, brown: what's your favourite colour?

Mini cherry vine tomatoes

Have you tried our deliciously sweet and crunchy mini cherry vine tomatoes? They're a treat for the tongue and easy on the eye!

13-20 gram

Red snack tomatoes

Kids can't resist these delicious, crunchy, deep-red snack tomatoes. So treat yourself to a tasty and healthy snack before someone scoffs the lot!

10-12 gram

Yellow snack tomatoes

These yellow plum tomatoes can make any salad feel like a summer holiday. Of course, they're delicious on their own, too! They're oval in shape, exquisitely sweet, and firm on the inside with a delicious bite.

10-12 gram

Orange snack tomatoes

Another delicious snack tomato that'll bring sunshine to your life whatever the weather. You could easily eat these mini orange plum tomatoes all day, and if there are any left in the evening, they'll add wonderful colour and flavour to any salad.

10-12 gram

Brown snack tomatoes

Our brown snack tomatoes are a refreshing change for discerning tomato connoisseurs. They're extra sweet with a hint of tanginess, and their mysterious red-brown tint, perfect shape, and beautiful shine are a feast for the eyes. This versatile tomato is the perfect addition to any snack box, salad, or oven dish.

11 -15 gram


A fantastic solution that reduces the use of plastic!

This cardboard shaker can be disposed of as paper waste. The lid is made of 100% rPet: 100% recyclable plastic and 100% recycled plastic. For every million shakers, these cardboard shakers help us save 17,000 kilograms of plastic – an achievement we are quite proud of.

Fairtrade at Desert Joy